Franco Scolozzi is the founder and director of Sail Utopia, an active SY Captain, and a recognized and respected RYA Yachtmaster Instructor.

He has sailed extensively in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean for more than 50,000 miles.

He has trained hundreds of skippers and crew members to the highest international standards.

Today, his students can be found circumnavigating the world’s oceans as confident, independent skippers – both recreationally and professionally.

For Franco, however, sailing is not just about navigation. He has always answered the ocean’s call for adventure, which has given him a comprehensive understanding of the marine environment currently in danger, the importance of knowing diverse cultures of the people he has encountered on his voyages, the importance of respecting the sea by developing sustainable sailing practices, and the importance of exploring sailing as therapy.

He now feels that it is the right time for the next ambitious adventure: “Sail Utopia.”

  • Develope Sustainable Sailing
  • Respect Sea-life environment
  • Create a stimulating learning experience
  • Make Sailing accesible to everyone
  • Racing
  • Offshore & Ocean Navigation
  • Weather routing,
  • Single-Handed Sailing
  • Sail Trimming
  • Heavy weather techniques
  • RYA
  • STCW
  • ICC
  • ISAF