Sailing Services For The Modern Navigator

At Sail Utopia, we offer the very best in professional sailing services, regardless of experience. From fresh-faced beginners to new yacht owners and capable shippers alike - we help you sail, explore, and traverse the vast seas with learning tailored to your needs, at your pace. Whether sailing for passion, luxury, or simply the challenge, take the helm with confidence at Sail Utopia.

learn to sail holidays


Sailing goes in hand in hand with relaxation and leisure. Visit the most stunning islands of Italy, Spain, Greece, and Croatia, and gain a lifelong skill while you vacation. Our Learn to Sail Holiday Service is perfect for people who want to learn in a relaxed, casual, awe-inspiring environment – free from the typical restraints of standard classes.


There’s no faster way to become a masterful captain than private lessons tailored to your experience level. Ideal for new or existing yacht owners, professional skippers, RYA students, or even those dreaming about navigating the world on long-term voyages. This sailing service is perfect for the avid adventurer.

learn to sail holidays


Entrust your shiny new yacht to a capable, experienced captain before you take over in your ideal location. We’ll sail it to you and ensure it reaches you in pristine condition – tracked the entire way for complete peace of mind. Proud sea vessel owners choose Sail Utopia Yacht Delivery Services.

Meet your Yachtmaster

With 20 years of experience and 50000 nautical miles under his belt, Sail Utopia founder and RYA Yachtmaster Franco Scolozzi knows the awe and turbulence of the open oceans better than anyone. Fusing decades of experience with cutting-edge education principles, Franco delivers a learning environment that’s highly effective and wildly enjoyable.

Finding endless wonder in marine landscapes, Franco has distilled his lifelong passion for sailing down to a fine art. Now, you can indulge in all the pleasures sailing has to offer too.