Looking to rekindle your passion for sailing or start a lifelong sport? 

With our private sailing lessons, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn in just a few hours with a seasoned sailor teaching you the ropes. 

We customize your lessons based on specific skills you want to strengthen. Or, we can create a lesson plan from scratch if you’re a novice.

Expect a full range of both practical  & theory (shore-based) sailing training to accommodate new learners or those seeking a higher qualification.


These lessons will give you all the tools needed to learn sailing with skill, control, and confidence. 

Expect a stimulating learning environment that focuses on practical skills, safety, and getting a full picture of what it means to navigate the seas independently. 

These lessons are available on a private basis. Only you, your family, and friends will be on board making it a popular option for couple and family bonding.

You will be on a fast track to progress under the watchful eye of the RYA Yachtmaster instructor, yet with enough autonomy and privacy to get a sense of what it’s like to be your own skipper.

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