About Sail Utopia

Sail Utopia is the next island to reach, the destination for those seeking a different, independent sailing magazine offering:

– Ad-free content
– An independent editorial line, not influenced by market rules and designed to be flexible to adapt to your requests
– Honest reviews
– Exclusive content on Sustainability and Sailing as therapy
– A focus on quality articles over quantity, authored only by professional captains and seamen with significant sea experience and miles
Sail Utopia is committed to delivering authentic stories and knowledge, practical tips, and theory that matters from real sailors who are out on the sea, not just behind desks.

Our publication maintains its independence from market trends, granting us the freedom to select our editorial topics without bias. We have carefully selected a range of subjects, some of which are not typically covered by standard magazines or blogs, believing, based on our experience, they can provide immense help in enriching your knowledge and background.

Sail Utopia is the island where Utopians meet to collaborate, utilizing whatever resources they have (skills, materials, donations).

By reading and supporting our magazine, you’re not only learning from the pros and reading exclusive content but also supporting our mission to launch two ambitious, sustainable, and social initiatives in the future. These are based on an “open free projects” philosophy—shareable and duplicable at no cost to everyone.

Our journey begins with providing you with quality articles from a team of professional sailor writers—including captains, hostesses, stewards, and engineers—selected through strict criteria (a minimum of 20,000 miles and 7 months per year at sea). Whether your goal is to start or advance securely in your career as a professional sailor, to ensure a safe and unforgettable charter week with your family, or to understand sailing from a professional with an effective, practical point of view, we’ve got you covered.